Tattoo Symbols and Meanings

Eagle: Strength, freedom and illumination.
Falcon: Honesty and cleverness.
Jaguar / Panther: Mystery and attraction.
Tiger: Great strength and power.
Puma: Leadership, loyalty and courage.
Wolf: Teaching skills, loyalty and cooperation.
Dog: Loyalty and friendship.
Lion: Pride, leadership and courage.
Cat: Freedom, fast healing (mentally) and freedom of thought.
Fox: Cleverness, common sense and subtlity.
Moon: Power, self-protection and wisdom.
Scorpion: Hard transformations in the past, readiness for dangers the future might bring.
Dragon: Long life, wisdom, eternity and ability to go through different worlds.
Reptile: Living the day and taking it easy, self-protection
Horse: Freedom, force and advancement.
Deer: Peace, understanding and kindness.
Parrot: Communication, illumination, beauty and humor.
Frog: Power of healing, peace-bringing transformation, adaptation.
Turtle: Protection, healing, inner-wisdom.
Whale: Communication and cleverness.
Ship: Standing against all dangers and surviving hard times.
Owl: Vision, wisdom and understanding.
Phoenix: Rebirth.
Butterfly: Energy of balance, transformation and elegance.
Daisy: Innocence.
Lotus: Passion of love.
Rose: This one is so popular and carries a different meaning for everyone for their own reasons.
Cross: Christianity.
Lamp: God.